Marion Margaret Press

Marion Margaret Press is a multi-genre publisher of quality fiction in print and ebook editions.  We publish Fantasy fiction novels, Romance, Steampunk fiction, Young Adult fiction and so much more!

There’s a lot happening for the future of Marion Margaret Press, but it won’t be visible for quite some time. Marion Margaret Press became part of Cacy Enterprises LLC in 2016. Staff meetings have been ongoing to plan out the next five years of releases.

A physical business location is in the works for our future. Coffee, tea, spices, and book sales are planned for this business. We’re hoping to help promote other small publishers in it.

Marion Margaret Press is ran by Diana Cacy Hawkins. Many books by Diana, Ron Leming, Lynne Hawkes, and maybe some anthologies will be put into the line up. (Negotiations are still progressing on this.)

See our author page for a current list of who is published by us.

MMP will continue to work with Sandie Bergen’s family to keep her current books available for the public and to bring out new stories from her that she left behind, as she requested in her last wish.

In addition, as of January 2017, all the royalties from sales of books by Sandie Bergen will go to the International Kidney Foundation that helped her so much.  An anthology by Sandie will release in March 2017, and another novel is in the works. You can see the current line up at her website.

Main websites currently down for maintenance. We’ll be back soon!

Silver Cat Black Fox by Sandie Bergen

Silver Cat Black Fox by Sandie Bergen, through Marion Margaret Press