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New! Set Your Own Price on Confederacy of Steam vs Zombies Anthology

We love Steampunk at Marion Margaret Press and we’ve had an anthology of original work published for awhile now. The price for this anthology used to be a solid 2.99, but at Smashwords, we’ve set it so you can choose what to pay for it.

Buy us a stick of gum or buy us a coffee for reading it. You choose!

We acquired the fabulous author Sherry D. Ficklin to write the special story “The Music of Life and Death” for this anthology. Sherry is a friend of Marion Margaret Press who has written over a dozen books for teens and young adults.

Check out her website here for free ebooks from her and join her newsletter list.

Our talented cover artist Ron Leming created an awesome cover for it and edited the stories. Look out for more news from Ron soon about his new book coming out. Plus more books from us with his covers on them. Follow Ron on Facebook here.

Grab Confederacy of Steam Vs Zombies today at Smashwords and decide what you pay for it.

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