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New Release Dragon Fyre by Sandie Bergen

The Release has Begun!
Dragon Fyre
Musings from the Dragonlady


Marion Margaret Press is pleased to announce that we are releasing another wonderful book by Sandie Bergen!

Originally due on March 17th, this book was delayed thanks to a family emergency on my end. I’m leaving for the funeral tomorrow, so the release is happening in segments rather than all at once.

The anthology is called Dragon Fyre: Musings from the Dragonlady.

Nine of Sandie’s stories are in this book, each with an illustration from the cover artist, Ilsie, to match the story.

Sandie’s books continue to be a labor of love by her friends and family to honor her memory and to fulfill her last request to us. Her fans and characters meant the world to her and she wanted us to keep her books available.

One of the toughest jobs of preparing this book was figuring out the title. I rummaged through nearly ten years of saved conversations between Sandie and I to find a good title. As some of you may know, we spoke everyday, unless she or I was sick or off on the road somewhere.

This was an emotionally tough assignment, even after two years. But it paid off. I found a conversation from our private friendship forum discussing possible anthology titles.

Of all the ones we came up with, Dragon Fyre was Sandie’s favorite. And since Sandie was, and always will be, THE Dragonlady, it seemed perfect.

The collected stories are a mix of new and old releases. A few have been published before, although I cannot specify exactly where and when.

There are a few special never seen before stories, and a special story she wrote for her husband, Charlie, which appeared long ago through our press. Another one, The Legend of the Vale, is actually the backstory for a novel she never got around to write.

She sent me The Legend of the Vale as part of the complete outline for the book many years ago. I’d like to say this will be another book by Sandie that we’ll bring out, but I fear that may not happen. But, then again, no one ever knows what the future will bring.

The royalties from Dragon Fyre, and the royalties from all her books, will now go to the kidney foundation that helped her so much. Both Marion Margaret Press and her family have decided not to take royalties and truly make her books a labor of love.

In addition, MMP is now adding a long stem yellow rose to the back covers of book releases from this point on in her memory. You’ll even start to see at least one yellow rose on my future book covers.

To see the changes and updates as they happen, visit, and sign up for Marion Margaret Press’s newsletter, which I hope to make happen next week after I’m done with the funeral trip. May your day be bright and remember to hug your loved ones, as Sandie’s final words encourages.

Find DragonFyre: Musings From The Dragonlady at Smashwords here. This is our main ebook distributor and through here, the book will show up at Kobo, Barnes&Noble, iBooks, and many more places over the next few days.

Check out this page on Smashwords site to see how you can download the right file for whichever device you use.

We have to do Kindle separately and I hope to get that processed end of this week. It should be live on Amazon by Monday.

The print book edition should be available within 3-4 weeks, depending how long it takes to get the full cover from artist after I return, and how long the proofing takes.

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