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MMP Special Notice for Sandie Bergen Books

Special notices for fans of Sandie Bergen

  • A new book from Sandie Bergen arrives March 17th
  • We will be pulling the print editions of The Jada-Drau series this Friday
  • All her books will receive updated inside pages, some will get new covers
  • ALL Royalties from her book sales now go to the Kidney Foundation

Dragon Fyre: Musings from the Dragonlady

Collection of stories by Sandie Bergen.

Some have been previously published, but we may not have the exact location and years for those. I will do my best to make a publication page annotating where she was previously published.

A few stories are never before seen, and those will be properly annotated.

Ilsie is working on the book cover now, while I and the editor are working on the interior pages. There may be interior illustrations to go with each storie also. We’re planning on a March 17th book release.

Dragon Fyre is a name Sandie chose years ago from a list of possible anthology names I presented to her. Luckily, I kept ten years of conversations from her to help us choose the name she’d be happy with.

The Jada-Drau Series

Tomorrow, I begin pulling these down so we can start republishing the books. These books will have new covers made by Ilsie, the cover artist for her Cat’s Tales series.

Inside front and back pages in all her books will be updated to bring her bio up to date, to express the message she left to all of us, and to introduce the organization we are now directing all her royalties to.

In addition, the ebook versions will be updated.

We expect to have this series reissued by end of summer.

Future: Sandie Bergen Books

The royalties notice I’ve expressed goes for both of her fantasy series, the forthcoming anthology, and a future novel that will come out possibly in 2018. If we can work that fast on it.

There is the workings of another book she had in mind. We’re not sure if there’s enough information for us to complete it for her though. We still have to think about that.

However, a small piece of it is complete and that will be included in Dragon Fyre.

Her website will continue to be maintained by Marion Margaret Press and updated at each step.




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