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Friends of MMP Sherry Ficklin

This is a weekly notice which will feature a few words about a friend of MMP and an ad for their books. I’m a bit late for this one, so this week there will hopefully be two. We’ve been distracted by preparing for a loss in the family that’s in process now. And the iceapocalypse we just survived through…

I’ve chosen to highlight an internet friend, Sherry Ficklin, this week. An all around great person and fantastic story teller. Entertainment seems to be her middle name and she brings fun to everyone’s life around her and through her books.

I met Sherry many years ago, when we were both involved with the same publisher. I was in the office and she was one of the authors. Said publisher didn’t work out for either of us. For many writers, that would be the end of things, but not Sherry.

She kept going. Found things that didn’t work to finally succeed at this book author thing. Probably including a deal where we almost formed our own publishing company together. Okay, maybe not. With her at the helm with me, we surely would have succeeded.

But not like this…fate stepped in and cancelled the deal at the last minute, with the best results. Sherry found a terrific home for her writing and a great following, in a way that allows her books to be found without getting taken for a ride.

I do believe I have all of Sherry’s books now. Current and I’m thinking a few older ones. I must say, she has never disappointed me. I can say honestly and wholeheartedly that her books are entertaining and worth giving up the time to read them.

Great characters. Great stories. You’re IN her books’ worlds and settings.

This week, I’m featuring her Stolen Empire Series, historical fiction written about Catherine the Great. The books kept me hooked from page one, I didn’t want to put those books down at all! I was so anxious to get to the next in the series, and in mourning when the series ended.

They’re rated in the Young Adult Mature section. This IS taken from Catherine the Great and her life was pretty mature. If you don’t know what I mean, you should study up on her. You’re missing out.

Grab Sherry’s Stolen Empire Series today, starting with the first book that’s free to download today!

P.S. She’s also the featured author for our anthology Confederacy of Steam Vs Zombies.

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