New Release Dragon Fyre by Sandie Bergen

The Release has Begun!
Dragon Fyre
Musings from the Dragonlady


Marion Margaret Press is pleased to announce that we are releasing another wonderful book by Sandie Bergen!

Originally due on March 17th, this book was delayed thanks to a family emergency on my end. I’m leaving for the funeral tomorrow, so the release is happening in segments rather than all at once.

The anthology is called Dragon Fyre: Musings from the Dragonlady.

Nine of Sandie’s stories are in this book, each with an illustration from the cover artist, Ilsie, to match the story.

Sandie’s books continue to be a labor of love by her friends and family to honor her memory and to fulfill her last request to us. Her fans and characters meant the world to her and she wanted us to keep her books available.

One of the toughest jobs of preparing this book was figuring out the title. I rummaged through nearly ten years of saved conversations between Sandie and I to find a good title. As some of you may know, we spoke everyday, unless she or I was sick or off on the road somewhere.

This was an emotionally tough assignment, even after two years. But it paid off. I found a conversation from our private friendship forum discussing possible anthology titles.

Of all the ones we came up with, Dragon Fyre was Sandie’s favorite. And since Sandie was, and always will be, THE Dragonlady, it seemed perfect.

The collected stories are a mix of new and old releases. A few have been published before, although I cannot specify exactly where and when.

There are a few special never seen before stories, and a special story she wrote for her husband, Charlie, which appeared long ago through our press. Another one, The Legend of the Vale, is actually the backstory for a novel she never got around to write.

She sent me The Legend of the Vale as part of the complete outline for the book many years ago. I’d like to say this will be another book by Sandie that we’ll bring out, but I fear that may not happen. But, then again, no one ever knows what the future will bring.

The royalties from Dragon Fyre, and the royalties from all her books, will now go to the kidney foundation that helped her so much. Both Marion Margaret Press and her family have decided not to take royalties and truly make her books a labor of love.

In addition, MMP is now adding a long stem yellow rose to the back covers of book releases from this point on in her memory. You’ll even start to see at least one yellow rose on my future book covers.

To see the changes and updates as they happen, visit, and sign up for Marion Margaret Press’s newsletter, which I hope to make happen next week after I’m done with the funeral trip. May your day be bright and remember to hug your loved ones, as Sandie’s final words encourages.

Find DragonFyre: Musings From The Dragonlady at Smashwords here. This is our main ebook distributor and through here, the book will show up at Kobo, Barnes&Noble, iBooks, and many more places over the next few days.

Check out this page on Smashwords site to see how you can download the right file for whichever device you use.

We have to do Kindle separately and I hope to get that processed end of this week. It should be live on Amazon by Monday.

The print book edition should be available within 3-4 weeks, depending how long it takes to get the full cover from artist after I return, and how long the proofing takes.

MMP Special Notice for Sandie Bergen Books

Special notices for fans of Sandie Bergen

  • A new book from Sandie Bergen arrives March 17th
  • We will be pulling the print editions of The Jada-Drau series this Friday
  • All her books will receive updated inside pages, some will get new covers
  • ALL Royalties from her book sales now go to the Kidney Foundation

Dragon Fyre: Musings from the Dragonlady

Collection of stories by Sandie Bergen.

Some have been previously published, but we may not have the exact location and years for those. I will do my best to make a publication page annotating where she was previously published.

A few stories are never before seen, and those will be properly annotated.

Ilsie is working on the book cover now, while I and the editor are working on the interior pages. There may be interior illustrations to go with each storie also. We’re planning on a March 17th book release.

Dragon Fyre is a name Sandie chose years ago from a list of possible anthology names I presented to her. Luckily, I kept ten years of conversations from her to help us choose the name she’d be happy with.

The Jada-Drau Series

Tomorrow, I begin pulling these down so we can start republishing the books. These books will have new covers made by Ilsie, the cover artist for her Cat’s Tales series.

Inside front and back pages in all her books will be updated to bring her bio up to date, to express the message she left to all of us, and to introduce the organization we are now directing all her royalties to.

In addition, the ebook versions will be updated.

We expect to have this series reissued by end of summer.

Future: Sandie Bergen Books

The royalties notice I’ve expressed goes for both of her fantasy series, the forthcoming anthology, and a future novel that will come out possibly in 2018. If we can work that fast on it.

There is the workings of another book she had in mind. We’re not sure if there’s enough information for us to complete it for her though. We still have to think about that.

However, a small piece of it is complete and that will be included in Dragon Fyre.

Her website will continue to be maintained by Marion Margaret Press and updated at each step.




Friends of MMP Sherry Ficklin

This is a weekly notice which will feature a few words about a friend of MMP and an ad for their books. I’m a bit late for this one, so this week there will hopefully be two. We’ve been distracted by preparing for a loss in the family that’s in process now. And the iceapocalypse we just survived through…

I’ve chosen to highlight an internet friend, Sherry Ficklin, this week. An all around great person and fantastic story teller. Entertainment seems to be her middle name and she brings fun to everyone’s life around her and through her books.

I met Sherry many years ago, when we were both involved with the same publisher. I was in the office and she was one of the authors. Said publisher didn’t work out for either of us. For many writers, that would be the end of things, but not Sherry.

She kept going. Found things that didn’t work to finally succeed at this book author thing. Probably including a deal where we almost formed our own publishing company together. Okay, maybe not. With her at the helm with me, we surely would have succeeded.

But not like this…fate stepped in and cancelled the deal at the last minute, with the best results. Sherry found a terrific home for her writing and a great following, in a way that allows her books to be found without getting taken for a ride.

I do believe I have all of Sherry’s books now. Current and I’m thinking a few older ones. I must say, she has never disappointed me. I can say honestly and wholeheartedly that her books are entertaining and worth giving up the time to read them.

Great characters. Great stories. You’re IN her books’ worlds and settings.

This week, I’m featuring her Stolen Empire Series, historical fiction written about Catherine the Great. The books kept me hooked from page one, I didn’t want to put those books down at all! I was so anxious to get to the next in the series, and in mourning when the series ended.

They’re rated in the Young Adult Mature section. This IS taken from Catherine the Great and her life was pretty mature. If you don’t know what I mean, you should study up on her. You’re missing out.

Grab Sherry’s Stolen Empire Series today, starting with the first book that’s free to download today!

P.S. She’s also the featured author for our anthology Confederacy of Steam Vs Zombies.

Marion Margaret Press Publisher Update January 2017


The year 2016 was a slow year for us, but 2017 is shaping up to be hoppin’ crazy.

We published one book in 2016. The Still Life of Hannah Morgan by Lora Deeprose is so well-loved that it’s in its third publication. New cover art by The Woodsy Fawn and minor changes that readers suggested. If you love a real down-to-earth love story about overcoming life’s obstacles and finding your true happiness in life, this book is for you.

The Still Life of Hannah Morgan is available in print through various channels, and as a Kindle ebook. Within the next few months it will also be available on Kobo and ibooks, plus many other channels.

Although we’re making the move from using Lightning Source to Createspace, our standards are the same. All books receive professional editing and professional cover art before release. It’s just not worth the extra cost for the lowered customer service I received a few years back. I’m sure it could be improved by now since they’ve organized their departments, but not willing to risk paying more for less. Or paying more just to add channels our set of readers do not use.

The really good news about going into 2017 is that cover artist Ron Leming (or Bone, as many also know him) is back! After fighting surgery after surgery throughout 2016, he’s on the mend. He came back with a bang, selling one awesome book I’ve had the pleasure to watch grow from a newborn babe. When it’s time that announcement will come out. (It will be with another publisher.)

After discussing things with Sandie Bergen’s family, we’ve decided to make new goals with Sandie’s books. From now profit from her books will go into the kidney foundation that helped her so much through her years of health issues.

This month, we’ll pull down the The Jada-Drau series. That series will get new covers by The Woodsy Fawn to match her Cat’s Tales Series. New front and back pages will be designed for all her books and they’ll be republished throughout the year. This is seven books total so the process will happen over time from January through August of this year.

We’re currently working on a new book for Sandie Bergen fans, an anthology of her stories. Some previously published, some never seen before. We’re planning on a March 17th release date for that, but I am still waiting for confirmation from The Woodsy Fawn. This book will feature illustrations on the inside as well, so we need to make sure March is enough time to get that done.

In addition, I’m looking at releasing my fantasy series this year, starting in March. I’m thrilled to have Ron back for this. I pushed the development aside to give him a chance to recover from his surgeries. As long as he’s able to do the covers in time for me, I won’t have to give the work to another artist. Not something I want to do. Ron’s been a dear friend of mine for over ten years and has partnered with me on so many projects.

To increase our readership, this year we will do a full range of advertising and social media marketing efforts. In the past, I’ve committed 20 hours a week promoting books through less than advantageous methods, much to the disappointment of authors. I’m not perfect, and I offered to take on books that aren’t for my ideal audiences, even though I had a combined reach of 10K people. And let’s admit it, although I’m a social media expert, seo expert, and a marketing expert now…I was just a newbie to the field back then. On top of that, today there are so many cool tools to play with and increase your outreach, it’s crazy fun. And productive!

I may even become more transparent with my marketing methods later this year and share the results. This is new for me too. I’m running a business, I agreed to publish, and as such, the author does not normally get insight into what’s going on in the background. Sandie, who was also my partner in business, in action and not legally, would tell me not to worry about it and not take the punches personally.

I tried not to, but find it still bugs me to this day even though the bad times were years ago. So, from now on, any authors I work with get full disclosure of what goes on behind the scenes with their books. Some things I’m doing now are showing promise. I’ve always said my authors are my partners, not just a number.  This is part of the new way of showing this.

No more getting told I did nothing after spending hours and hours over period of months trying to promote books that were out of my reach. I will no longer accept books that don’t match my own fan base either.

And authors have to act like partners. The simple plain fact is that fans do not just want to read your books, they want to know you…they want to be IN your life in some form. This means you have to show them that you care by actually “talking to them” online via your social media outreach – Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. The publisher doing it alone doesn’t cut it anymore.

Not that Marion Margaret Press is accepting author submissions. Not saying that. Not even sure it will happen in the future. Even the anthology submissions were cancelled, seeing as Ron was our anthology manager too. I honestly don’t know if he’ll be up to it in the future, and if we do, we may explore crowdfunding those.

No…Marion Margaret Press has future goals that are more physical in nature versus online. I’m setting up for a physical business in a few years, and a book store is part of that plan. Marion Margaret Press books and books by friends of Marion Margaret Press will be in this book store. Ebooks will always be offered, but people show time and time again, the print book will never be out of style.

In 2016, Marion Margaret Press became a business under the umbrella name of Cacy Enterprises LLC. Cacy Enterprises LLC manages all my businesses: the two presses, website businesses, copywriting/content writing business, and the future physical business.

As Cacy Enterprises LLC grows, so will Marion Margaret Press. Look for a lot of things to come! Be sure to bookmark us for more updates, join the newsletter when I get it set up, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. (After you like us on Facebook, be sure to choose to see us first and get notifications so you will actually see our posts!)



The Still Life of Hannah Morgan by Lora Deeprose

The Still Life of Hannah Morgan
by Lora Deeprose

Available in Kindle ebook and in print copy, this is a delightful romance we’re thrilled to have in our line up.

Ever meet so many obstacles in your life that you feel you’ll never be happy? Ever think you’ll never be able to achieve your dreams?

Read this wonderful book and you just may discover the motivation to overcome your own obstacles in life.

The Still Life of Hannah Morgan by Lora Deeprose

The Still Life of Hannah Morgan by Lora Deeprose

“The longer you choose to play it safe, the more miserable your life will become. The universe rewards risk my dear; you know what you need to do.”

Hannah Morgan’s life is at a standstill. Her dreams of becoming an artist vanished with the sudden death of her grandmother and mentor. To appease her distant and disapproving mother, Hannah gets a respectable job at a high-end day spa.

Instead of painting masterpieces, Hannah spends her days painting nails and giving facials to wealthy women. Her dreams for the future have become a hideous nightmare. And, it just keeps getting worse. She catches her boyfriend cheating, loses her job and has to watch from the sidelines as her best friend Jasmine Blue goes after her own dreams of owning her own salon.

When she meets Aaron, a working artist, Hannah finds a kindred spirit. And, to her surprise, she finds the courage to follow her dreams.

When circumstances beyond her control threaten to destroy both her relationship with Aaron and her dreams of a bright future, Hannah fears her mother was right; that some dreams aren’t meant to come true.

This book is so popular that it’s now in its third version.

Buy it now at Amazon.

Support Lora Deeprose by reviewing the book after you read it. Tell us your honest feelings about the book. We respect your input.